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Aerial Sculptor Janet Echelman – A Force Of Nature

In Arts, Design, News by Laura Goldstein

In daylight, the ephemeral webs of intricately patterned nets resemble a rogue sail of a mythic vessel; an exotic winged creature or a benign, tethered twister, all flirting with the wind, clouds and sky. By nightfall, it transforms into a phosphorescent alien life form: a pulsating jellyfish, snagged between ocean and city buildings, hypnotic, ghostly, organic. To the eye of …

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Red Sea Star is The Mermaids’ Kitchen

In Design, News, Travel by Laura Goldstein

Don’t be surprised if mermaids, dolphins or parrotfish watch as you eat. After all, you are the one behind glass in this unique undersea restaurant Visitors to Eilat, Israel’s trendy beach resort area, spend a lot of time under water snorkelling, swimming with the dolphins and scuba diving. Although they still need to come up occasionally for air, they don’t …