Star Wars Scenic Painter Derek Gillingham

Star Wars Texture Painter Derek Gillingham Mounts New Exhibition

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Vancouver artist, Derek Gillingham

Vancouver Artist, Derek Gillingham Explores New Work From The Road at the Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery, Jewish Community Centre, Vancouver. 

As a film texture painter for such blockbusters as Captain Phillips, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Star Wars Episodes I & II , the versatile Derek Gillingham works in a collaborative industry. As a solo artist, his oil paintings and multimedia pieces draw upon his subjective experiences on nomadic road trips down the U.S. and Canadian Pacific coast from hometown, Vancouver to Los Angeles, then back up to San Francisco. He has also explored London and Paris visiting neighbourhoods that “you won’t find in Fodor’s” he says chuckling.

Meandering off the beaten track, Gillingham has always been fascinated with street art, observing from the vantage point of “an outsider seeing forms and shapes.”

Derek Gillingham-Montreal

(Top) Sea Creature Oil on Canvas 122cm x 76cm 2011 (Bottom) Montreal no. 9 2014 Mixed Media on cardboard 28 x 35 cm

In describing New Work From The Road, Gillingham explains: “The sketches begin small, scribbles, swirls and smudges. They’re influenced by the moment…the coffee, the rhythm of the music on the radio, the sound of cars, people and whatever was going on at the time. Colours enter into the paintings that I have absorbed in my travels, sounds, stains on a subway tube ticket, moss and ivy, racks of Indian fabrics, devotional imagery, Chinese candy wrappers, street side vendors wares, a half eaten meal, the water running down the wall of a building on a rainy day, and most recently I have begun to incorporate street posters, ticket stubs, flyers, bits of newspaper, anything and everything…all the lines, colours and the titles are a log of those moments.”

Derek Gillingham will be present at the Exhibition reception open to the public on January 8th.

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