MORF Your Wardrobe: Israeli Designer Tamara Salem Changes Things Up

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Tamara Salem morf

Designer, Tamara Salem (right) with model, created 1 top that transforms into 24 very different looks without the use of Velcro, buttons, snaps or zippers. Photo courtesy of MORF

With airlines charging for baggage, I find myself frantically packing and re-packing a carry-on with all kinds of wardrobe configurations racing through my mind. That’s especially difficult for those of us who love to wear color. I admit that the fashionistas in perpetual black, (it’s called chic,) do have a packing advantage – until now.

Israeli designer, Tamara Salem has come up with a creative solution – MORF: 1 top transforms into 24 very cool looks without the use of Velcro, buttons, snaps or zippers! It’s difficult to imagine, so please watch the video.

“I always loved versatile, transformable clothing,” says the former TV content and editorial director turned fashion designer, a bit of a chameleon herself, speaking via Skype from Tel Aviv.

Already an established custom eveningwear designer with pieces worn by Israeli celebrities under the eponymous label, Tamara Salem, she took part in Tel Aviv’s relatively new Fashion Week in 2015.

Morf Man

Designer, Tamara Salem, adjusts Morph Collection for Men on a model. She is wearing top from Morph Women Collection (Blue) Photo courtesy: MORF

Salem was sewing a gift as a birthday present for a friend several years ago when her eureka! MORF – moment, in the form of one multilayer top, materialized. “I discovered that I could flip it inside-out, roll cuffs & sleeves and wear it backwards or forwards for totally different looks and knew I was on to something, laughs Salem. “There’s actually no wrong way to wear MORF.”

After several prototypes and an arduous patent registration process in the U.S., Salem joined forces with business partner, Barak Kirschner CEO and her husband, Ori Gross in 2013. The MORF brand was launched as a Kickstarter project in April 2015 with a modest funding goal of just $25,000. It created an immediate buzz and not only was their goal attained after just six days but MORF ended funding just under $140,000!


MORF Women Collection “I discovered that I could flip it inside-out, roll cuffs & sleeves and wear it backwards or forwards for totally different looks and knew I was on to something!” says MORF designer, Tamara Salem. Photo courtesy MORF.

Capitalizing on the global trend of active wear crossing-over into leisure wear, the 95% cotton, 5% Elastin garments are manufactured in Turkey and come in 3 color block variations:  BLUE (with grey/black/white), RED (with tan/black/white) and GREEN, (with black/white.) Lightweight and wrinkle-free, pieces are ideal for travel. Salem has integrated one of the most important new trends for spring 2016 – bold, brightly-colored multi-stripes, into all her designs. Her secret is double-layer construction but without the bulkiness.

A MORF – Men Collection is casual and sporty – perfect for après-ski (snow and beach) or in offices where casual Friday is every day of the week.

Salem has also designed MORF – Dress Collection that, when accessorized with a belt or jewelry, sneakers or heels, can go easily from grocery shopping to business meeting to dinner date.

The mother of two young boys, Salem has plans for a MORF – Kids Collection in the future. Can you imagine 24-ways to dress your kid in one garment? I predict Tamara Salem will be inducted into the Laundry Hall of Fame by parents world-wide!

Tops retail for $59.00 U.S.D Amazon and dresses $150. Amazon or directly from Morf Fashion