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The Other Side of the Hero Unmasks First Responders

In Scene & Heard by Laura Goldstein

Have you ever wondered why many television police dramas depict deeply conflicted detectives and other first responders as divorced and alienated from their families; alcohol or drug dependent-even suicidal? It’s not just for the ratings. During and after 9/11 the public was suddenly thrust into the world of first responders when police, firefighters and paramedics had the harrowing task of …

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17-Year-Old Vancouver Student, Wins $10,000 On The Food Network’s Chopped Canada Teen

In News, Scene & Heard by Laura Goldstein

If you can’t stand the heat… you better stay in the kitchen. That’s how Justine Balin won $10,000 on The Food Network’s Chopped Canada Teen The heat under the TV lights and from the industrial gas ranges was sweltering. One competitor had already cut himself badly. Opening the ‘mystery basket’ to discover the first round’s appetizer ingredients of chocolate mint cookies, …